Logan Square Yoga Classes 2016 with Patrina

I offer regular weekend Mixed Level classes in Logan Square by invitation only.   Walk-ins are not allowed.   The classes are held on Sundays at 11am.  I am not always in town so please heed the schedule.  Attendees are encouraged to subscribe to my weekly mailchimp email which keeps an up to date schedule of events:  to request updates via mailchimp email patrina@patrina.us
I also have the following events in 2016:
  •  Continuing and Intermediate intensive 3 hour courses.
  • 12 week Intermediate Courses on Saturdays from 2-4PM that build towards more complex asanas with meditative focus
  • 4 week Target Classes focusing on Neck and  Shoulders, Knees and Hips, and Back
  • Open Forum Practice sessions that meet monthly for both teachers and students
Please follow the links on the left of this page for more details.